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Ventilators - Axial fan
Axial fan
Radial ventilator
Dust ventilator
Roof fan
Chanal ventilator
Smoke removal
ATEX fans
Radial fans (high, medium and low pressure), transport blowers, side channel blowers Axial Fans and Roof Fans
Dust fans for smoke exhaust
50/60 Hz
Low pressure fans (50 - 1000 Pa)
Medium Pressure Fans (1000 - 3000 Pa)
High pressure fans (3000 - 20000 Pa)
General purpose fans for air (gas) with operating temperature up to + 80 ° С
Corrosion-resistant fans for aggressive environments
Heat-resistant fans (heat-resistant) for working environments with temperatures up to + 200 ° С
Explosion-proof fans (explosion-proof) for explosive atmospheres
Dust fans for working media with a solid fraction of not more than 100 mg / m3
Smoke exhaust fans (DU) for emergency smoke removal (t ≤ 600 ° C) in case of fire
Aluminum, steel, 304/316 stainless steel, PVC / PPS
Flameproof, ATEX, Ex Zone, High Performance Engine
Direct / Indirect Drive, RHD High Speed, Blower, Fully Sealed
Viton ®, NBR, PS Seal, Gylon ®, PTFE, PTFE 561, Teflon
Stainless Steel Air Knives
Suction filters according to ISO 16890